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Jessi Hoey

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Pregnancy Yoga, Yoga for Athletes, Vinyasa Yoga

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I fell in love with the practice of Yoga the first time I stepped onto my mat in an attempt to reduce stress and physical pain, as well as improve digestion. As a former gymnast, I initially approached the practice with my ego, thinking that Yoga was something I would be “good” at – which I soon learned was not the point. I dove into the study of yoga head first in Toronto, Canada, starting with 500 hrs of extensive training in Vinyasa, and later Pre&Post Natal Pregnancy Yoga. I am forever a student of yoga and enjoy practicing and studying a diversity of styles. I teach a variety of classes from strong & powerful sequences to gentle restorative. I have taught a collection of classes & workshops ranging from working with athletes, emotional trauma & mental health, and most recently pregnancy yoga. As a practicing Holistic Nutritionist I often incorporate elements of nutrition into workshops as an important part of cultivating balance & well-being.
Yoga has taught me how to create space, at first in my body through the use of breath, movement, and awareness, and later in mind which has effectively changed my life. Creating space has allowed me to get to know myself intimately and create meaningful boundaries for both a physical practice, and a purpose driven life. My practice reminds me to lean into discomfort, a bittersweet lesson in life that has carried me through some of my darkest moments. I’ve learned that growth is merely disguised as discomfort, and if we lean in it allows us to embrace possibility – both on and off the mat. This practice has allowed me to develop a radical acceptance, not only of myself, but of others as well, as I continue to witness how individually divine we all are. It is both an honor and a blessing to experience the powerful shift in energy that occurs when a group of people truly leave their ego at the door, step on to the mat, and come together in this effort to be truly present to the union of mind, body, and breath. It is the same passion for this union that informs my practice as a Holistic Nutritionist, and infuses my life on my pursuit to truly connect at the deepest level of mind, body, and spirit.