Teacher Name

Deirdre McKenna

Profile Details

Classes: Kids Yoga, Beginners, Seniors, Adult Yoga, Ashtanga

Experience: 4 Years

Deirdre’s Bio

When Deirdre discovered yoga she was immediately drawn to the way it challenged her and, being involved in competitive sports from a very early age, initially enjoyed the intense physical side of it most. However as she committed to a daily practice she very soon began to notice the effect yoga had on her in other ways. Along with the physical benefits she could really appreciate the break she would get from her very busy mind when she stood on her mat- becoming more grounded, calmer and content the more she practiced. 

To deepen her own practice and to share the positive effects of yoga with others, Deirdre decided to train as a Yoga teacher with Yogacharya Lalit Kumar, Himalaya Yoga Valley and graduated from 200hr teacher training in 2015. She now cannot imagine life without it! She considers herself a student of yoga first and feels privileged to share experience of yoga with everyone who comes to her classes. As a teacher Deirdre hopes to bring to her students the positivity and benefits that she has encountered throughout her own practice and training, endeavouring to create a relaxed and welcoming environment where people of every level can learn at their own pace and see steady physical gains in strength, stamina, and flexibility as they challenge themselves and find greater calmness and balance in their daily lives. 

As a trained P.E teacher who is currently undertaking a masters in Primary Education Deirdre is a teacher at heart. She is passionate about teaching and sharing yoga with everyone, including kids and teens. She completed further training with Rainbow Kids yoga in 2016. Deirdre is constantly inspired by the imagination and energy of children and sees how yoga can serve to promote positive mental and physical health as well as building resilience in children and adolescents. What she would love most is to bring the powerful and fun practice of yoga to even the littlest of yogis so that they are empowered to have healthy, happy and balanced lives.