Yoga Tune Up- 4 Weekends of Focused Yoga Training.

Hi Yogis.

Ive been planning something very exciing for you all.
I absoultly Love hosting worskhops for all you guys and Ive decided to run a series of them to help us delve deeper into our phyiscal practice.
The Yoga tune up series of workshops will help you refine your pracatice and tune up some new skills on your mat.

The 4 workshops will be spread over 4 weekends on a Sunday beginning on 14th Oct and ending 4th Nov.

Pricing after the 9th September is listed below.

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Week 1-
14th Oct 12-2.30pm –
Lets get inside Inversions-
Dreaming of the ability to lift gracefully into a handstand? Or do you want to strengthen your already existing inversion practice? Come learn the best exercises to strengthen your upside-down time and gain comfort and control in headstands, forearm stands and handstands. In this 2.5hrs workshop, Orla will lead you through an inversion specific warm up, teach you the foundations of inversions strength work, and guide you through the best technique for head/forearm/handstands. With this knowledge, you can safely continue to work towards your favorite upside-down poses!

Week 2
21st Oct- 12.00-2.30pm-
Lets get Hippy
Often the things you least want to do are the things you most need to do, so if half-pigeon is not your idea of fun then those hips of yours may need opening!

If your week mostly consists of sitting at a desk then this is THE workshop for you.

Your body is an amazing machine which is designed to be active and moving. It generally doesn’t cope well with the amount of sitting we do.

Sitting results in consistent compression of the hip flexors – the muscles that join your abdomen to your legs. Over time this results in a shortening of the hip flexors which adjusts the position or tilt of the pelvis. This in turn upsets the muscles and structures both above and below the hips. Hence why knee problems and lower back pain are often connected to tension in the hips.

Running and cycling can also result in tight hips due to the repeated use of the hip flexors to lift the leg to propel you forward.

The body also holds emotions in tense muscles and the deep muscles of the hips are often the centre of many stuck and suppressed emotions. By releasing the muscular tension, old stuck emotions can also be freed.
Hip Opener Workshop Content

Over this 2.5hr-hour workshop you will delve into hip opening poses, learn what the benefits of doing them are, and how to perform them safely.

You will gain a greater understanding of the anatomy of your hips and will use standing, seated and supine postures to increase your range of motion in all directions. We will work on stabilising the hips and lower spine and conditioning and releasing the muscles around these joints, resulting in a new freedom of movement.

The Hip Opener workshop will include a yoga practice to prepare the body for the deeper hip opening poses.

You will learn healthy alignment in your body in a fun and playful way, and will leave having released your hips and feeling empowered to continue the opening in your regular practice.

The ideal workshop for runners, cylists and desk jockeys

Suitable for all levels from beginners to more advanced yoga students.

You will work at your individual level with an opportunity to modify poses whenever necessary, building up your personal yoga practice in a playful and safe manner.

Week 3 28th Oct
Partner Acro Yoga
This will be fun filled workshop. No need to bring a parttner. Lots more details to follow on this soon. Soomething suitable for all levels!!

Week 4- 12.00-2.30pm
Bend Backwards for Yoga-
Backbends have an amazing uplifting affect on us mentally, physically and emotionally and are powerful energy enhancers which promote instant vitality and wellbeing.
New levels of energetic freedom and openness are available when a fuller range of motion in the spine is accessed, and the chest area (heart) is opened…..Not just wheel

So whether you are yearning to drop back into wheel or simply want to find a pain-free Up-Dog, this workshops presents the opportunity to get really playful with your practice and try things you ‘believe’ you can’t do, or don’t know how to do.

You will learn the principles of how to ‘build’ your backbends, and
how to protect vulnerable body parts by stabilizing your lower body and using bandhas, props and proper alignment.

You will work through a progression of poses, and these will be demonstrated using different bodies, shapes and sizes so you can see how to adapt poses to suit you. There will also be lots of opportunity to ask questions and get specific feedback.

You will receive alignment adjustments & assistance and have the opportunity to work past your fears, challenge your beliefs and try out poses in a safe, playful and fun manner.
Recommended for
Yoga students of all levels who want to physically or energetically open their heart area, find pain-free backbends or try back bending poses in a more interactive setting where personal attention can be given.

Payment options- Early bird price end on 9th September

All 4 Workshops 100 early bird Price.. price after 120
3 Workshops 90 euro early bird Price..price after 100
2 Workshops 60 euro early bird Price….Price After 70
1 Workshop 30 euro early bird Price Price after 35 euro


4 Workshops- Early Bird Pricing- Click Here->[hc-hmw snippet=”Yoga-Tune-up-Weekends–4-Weeekend”]

3 Workshops- Early Bird Pricing- Click Here->[hc-hmw snippet=”Yoga-Tune-up-Weekends–3-Weeekend”]

2 Workshops- Early Bird Pricing- Click Here->[hc-hmw snippet=”Yoga-Tune-up-Weekends–2-Weeekend”]

1Workshops- Early Bird Pricing- Click Here->[hc-hmw snippet=”Yoga-Tune-up-Weekends–1-Weeekend”]


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