XMAS Eve and NYE Ashtanga Christmas Special

Classes are running as usual for the next couple of weeks…..then we will have a wee break over xmas with just a couple of classes to keep us ticking over.

24th December 9.00am-10.30am Christmas Eve Restore and Destress Astanga Class before the big day. Start nice and early at 8am before traffic starts In the town..and finished up for 9.30am leaving you plenty of time to slink around time for those of us who are all last minute.
Nice practice of 1.5hrs leaving us feeling charged and ready to deal with all of all that the day has in store for us. Suitable for all levels.


31st Dec -NYE Class- 10am-12.00pm. I think it gets to this part of the holidays and not only do we want some yoga…we need it!

We have you covered!!

Booking via the app or booking system.

Passes can be bought here.