Hatha Vinyasa Yoga with Joanne

Hatha Vinyasa with Joanne
Tuesdays @ 9.40am for 1hr or 1hr 15mins.
Hatha meaning: force, Vinyasa meaning: flow.
Hatha Vinyasa combines the slower pace of hatha yoga with the creative sequencing of Vinyasa yoga and is tailored to suit both beginners and Intermediate.
Ample time will be allocated to learn Asana (poses) as well as an opportunity to build strength and fluidity of movement.
Benefits include:
• Increased strength and flexibility
• Breath control
• Stress relief
• Awareness for meditation
Joanne Martin (200RYT Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga)

With degrees in Biomedical Science, Engineering and a PhD in biomaterials Joanne naturally had a strong interest and understanding of body function as a whole unity and of the multiple systems that interacted within.

Athletic injuries, academic pressure and mum of three are just a few of the life events Joanne has relied on yoga to help bring balance back to her life. Joanne loves the fluidity of yoga; how the practice and the meaning of yoga adapt as life changes and matures.

Joanne typically teaches with a dynamic style integrating movement and breath.  Over the years, her practice has moved from simply having a desire to gain flexibility to focusing more on a functional movement approach to traditional postures.  Stabilisation and active stretching are promoted within her flow classes and passive release techniques are taught in yin yoga classes.  Through training the body’s nervous system to relax and allowing the body to find optimised movement patterns we start to move more freely and mindfully.

Joanne’s other current interests are in Chinese medicine and women’s health and are often reflected in classes. Her classes offer you freedom to explore and the tools to find balance both on and off the mat.