Summer Early Morning Classes

Carrying on from our HUGELY SUCCESSFUL 31 Day May Challenge we have decided to keep this high energy going for the summer months. We have set out afforable monthly membership packages for you all to allow you to keep an almost daily practice going if you wish!

So how it works is that you buy your membership pack that you would like and the once this credit is on your account youll be able to book the classes you want to attend on our very handy to use app or website.



5 Classes a week option-

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4 Classes a week option-

[hc-hmw snippet=”Summer-Mornings–4-classes-a-week-Option”]

3 Classes a week option-

[hc-hmw snippet=”Summer-Mornings–3-classes-a-week-Option”]

2 Classes a week option-

[hc-hmw snippet=”Summer-Mornings–2-classes-a-week-Option”]

1 Class a week option-

[hc-hmw snippet=”Summer-Mornings–1-classes-a-week-Option”]