Slow Flow Gentle Yoga and Pilates for Pain Relief, Mobility and Improved Balance

Slow Flow – Gentle Yoga & Pilates for Reduced Pain, Increased Mobility and Improved Balance








Yoga and Pilates go together beautifully. They often reflect one another’s shapes and movements, and both offer noticeable benefits to practitioners in body and mind.

A student of either practice would surely see the similarities: Side Lifts recall Side Plank Pose, Roll Over is reminiscent of Plow Pose, and Swimming much like Locust Pose.

A marked difference is in yoga we either hold poses or flow quickly through them, while Pilates is a rhythmic practice of precise repeated movements with a focus on core abdominal muscles.

By weaving both methods together we experience how stretch and strength work best when supporting each other.


Our bodies tend to adopt negative posture and movement habits through repetitive daily tasks like sitting at a desk, twisting as we tidy up, or kneeling to help a child. Most often we carry on without any issue, but when our bodies are stressed or tired we’re more likely to experience pain as a result of unhelpful movement patterns.


The Slow Flow class offers techniques to increase body awareness, adjust postural alignment and connect breathing, mindfulness and movement. We unlearn negative tendencies and create beneficial ones.


Yoga and Pilates are not purely physical practices, and are therefore very adaptable to each person’s needs. Ongoing practice will increase functional mobility, reduce aches and pains and teach skills for self-regulating the nervous system to relieve stress and anxiety.

The Slow Flow class is safe and effective. Many of the exercises are performed in reclining or sitting positions, and most are low impact and only partially weight-bearing with a focus on strengthening small stabilizer muscles to improve balance. You can expect increased muscle tone and strength. Breathing exercises help to increase lung capacity. You’ll also notice improved posture, a more restful sleep and a greater sense of well being.


Slow Flow is perfect for someone looking to build strength and vitality, enhance freedom of movement, and improve coordination and balance. It’s a challenging class that gives attention to the entire body while allowing deep relaxation to the mind and spirit.

70Euro for 6 Weeks-



Krista Leonard is a certified Pilates mat work and Hatha yoga instructor with specialized training in Kids’ yoga and Trauma Sensitive yoga. She’s studied meditation in the Shambhala lineage and the method of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. She’s also extensively trained in ballet, tap, jazz, musical theatre and modern dance, and has years of experience sharing the joys of movement with people of all ages.

Krista is also a dedicated complimentary & alternative health practitioner. Her one-to-one treatment combines homeopathy, nutrition and therapeutic yoga for all types of health concerns in mind, body and spirit.

Since moving to Ireland from Vancouver, Canada, Krista is happy to be in a beautiful and welcoming place where health and wellness are important to peoples’ lives. And she is so excited to offer her classes to the students at Zenergy. Her classes are a blend of yoga, Pilates and mindfulness, with a focus on postural alignment and breath work. While the asanas and exercises are repeated to assist learning, she likes to make each class a unique and challenging experience for both mind & body.

Krista is happiest when surrounded by nature and loves most anything that brings balance, flow and creativity to life.

70Euro for 6 Weeks-

Slow Flow Yoga and Pilates helps:

Keep the joints steady and flexible

Maintain healthy bones and muscles

Improve digestion and sleeping

Regulate blood pressure and heart rate

Reduce anxiety and depression