Vinyasa Yoga Course with Jenny T

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EMERGENCE- Begins 20th March

5 Week course- No class on Easter Saturday


There is so much we can learn from natures elegant process of metamorphosis as it relates to our own transformation and self-realisation. For the next five weeks we will incorporate themes to draw your awareness to parts of your practice to help us all in this emergence process in your own individual way in your own time back into the world again.

One step at a time

Vinyasa Krama is all about taking conscious steps in the right direction. It’s the way in which you consciously move your body, direct your thoughts during the practice and moves towards your body incrementally.

Yoga is an unending path and Vinyasa Krama reminds you to enjoy each step of the journey.


Turn your gaze inward

With 80% of our sensory input coming from the eyes, it can be easy to focus the attention on out outward surroundings. Instead, turn the gaze inward (umpada dristi) by closing the eyes during portions of the practice. Allow the sensations of the body to bring new life into each posture. Encourage yourself to hear the internal dialogue more clearly.


Embrace your Best Self

Each time you step on the mat, you’re invited to embrace your best self. You are encouraged to heighten your awareness of thoughts and body sensations. Giving you a chance to be free and powerful in the ever-present now!


Celebrate Small Victories

Yoga -like a well-conceived game -provides a structure where you can test your mental and physical prowess. Like any good game, it feels great to win. Only the game of yoga doesn’t really end, so we will examine in the practice how we you incorporate that feeling of victory from time to time.


Embrace your Imperfections

Unlike the static image’s on social media that portray yoga as a beautiful graceful and refined practice, there are many elements of it that are not those things. We fall, we fart…our faces reveal challenges and discomfort at times. In essence, its full of imperfection’s.


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