Vinyasa Yoga Course with Jenny T

Yoga is the journey

of the self,

through the self,

to the self

The Bhagavad Gita

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Over the next 5 weeks we will use our Yoga practice dive deeper into some themes on the mat that will help to observe your fluid self in this ever-changing world both on and off the mat.

Each week we will explore a theme together and the aim of each week is for you to leave the practice feeling awakened with a heightened sense of well being and connection to yourself.

Jenny will do this by using a variety of Vinyasa Flows, theming the music and interweaving the theme throughout the flow.

  1. Week 1

Appreciate Yourself

Om Namah Shivaya – I bow to the inner self

We will explore this mantra as a love song for yourself during the Vinyasa Flow.


  1. Week 2

Enjoy the contrast of life

Life is full of contrasting experiences

Things and people you like as well as those you don’t. In Sanskrit there is a phrase known as Neti Neti. It literally translates into not this not this and reminds you not to get attached to the contrasts in the world.

In this practice we will explore the contrasts of the practice and the Vinyasa Flow.


  1. Week 3

Light as a feather

Laghma is a Sanskrit word that means to float or to levitate. In a Yoga practice this is the smooth, gliding movements that allow you to effortlessly transform from one posture to another.

In this practice we will explore the effortless effort of the Vinyasa experience


  1. Week 4

Move your way into meditation

Moving meditation is an activity that anchors you in the present moment and elicits feelings of joy and expansion. One of the most powerful ways to do this is through movement of the body.

In this practice you will be invited to make your practice a moving meditation.


  1. Week 5

Abyasa Vairagya is a Sanskrit term that refers to the perfect balance of effort and surrender when approaching your yoga practice.

In this practice we will play with the postures and the effort required for some and the surrender which is also required for others.



Keep your eyes peeled to see what Jenny T has in store for you next following on from here very popular Vayu Vinyasa and Elemental flow courses!!!


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