The Pancha Vayus

In the yoga tradition, life force, or prana, is often categorised into different Vayus.

Vayu means “wind” or “air” with each prana vayu described as a different way that prana moves through the body.

Over the coming weeks of this block we will look at the five main vayus and how they can help us both in our practice and our daily lives.


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  • Apana Vayu
  • Samana Vayu
  • Prana Vayu
  • Vyana Vayu




These five pathways are tools that help us heal the various aspects of ourselves and move toward unity of mind body and spirit.


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This is a way to explore the postures from a different perspective and Jenny will do this in a fun

Energetic and simplistic way weaving the vayus through the practice with an accompanying playlist.