The Elemental Vinyasa Yoga Course

Elemental Yoga

Uses the awareness of nature’s qualities.
We will spend the next few weeks taking each element of Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Space theming each practice around one of the elements each week.
As all the elements are linked so too will the practices.


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Four weeks as space is interlinked into all the practices:
1 Earth
2 Fire
3 Water
4 Air


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Elemental Yoga Practice

During the next four weeks to honour our connection with everything around us, we will explore each of the five elements. These elements informs and supports everything about our lives — including our practice of yoga.

1 Earth
Earth is home. It is structure, cohesion, and foundation.  It’s the centered, grounded, and authentic, expression of you and everything around you. Earth is the sensation that we want to return to, the physical stillness that creates mental and emotional stillness, and vice versa.

Cultivating the earth in your practice is about…Establishing your foundation.
Remembering that every pose right through to Savasana is an opportunity to return home.

2. Air
Movement, expansion and lightness. The element of air gives us rhythm, grace, mobility and a sensation of mental and physical openness.
Air fuels the body and stokes the fire of inspiration.

3. Fire
Discipline, transformation, inspiration.  The fire in our practice is experienced as intensity and abundance. The heat and energy created is the result of the action, dedication and focus put into the practice.

Ultimately, our fire delivers purification.  It creates insight that allows us to see and engage with what’s important and burn the rest.

4. Water
Fluidity, connection, adaptability.  It shows up in our ability to consciously hold on and at the same time, let go.  It fuels our practice with compassion and resilience that return to us as fluid movement, supple muscles, steady joints, agile minds.

5 Space
The container for everything. It is pure possibility and potential.  It feels like stillness, freedom, and awareness.  Space is both a cause and the result of a blissful yoga practice (and life).

Each practice will have a focus of one of the elements along with a playlist to accompany each element. As all the elements compliment each-other so to will all the practices.