Pregnancy Yoga



Pregnancy/Prenatal Yoga with Carmel, One class a week, 1 hour long with plenty of time before and after class to chat to other Moms to be.




10 Week Option- 100euro [hc-hmw snippet=”Pregnancy-Yoga-10-week-option”]

6 week course is 70 euro- [hc-hmw snippet=”Pregnancy-Yoga-6-week-option”]

I am a Yogi, a Nurse 🏥, a Midwife 👷‍♀, a Public Health Nurse 🚗 and my most important role of all, a mum of two 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

I strongly believe that every mother should begin motherhood with strength 💪, feeling positive ⭐ and fully empowered 🤗 regardless of how/when/where she gives birth 🏥

I believe an active pregnancy lessens all ailments of the body and the mind 🤗, and that working our body as a whole (physical and mental) gives ourselves the best preparation for the both birth and the motherhood journey ahead 😤👩‍👧

During my own pregnancies I first hand saw and reaped the benefits of pregnancy yoga and keeping active and so this led me to beginning my own teacher training 👩🏽‍🎓 and set up my own Yogi Mama classes in Meigh.

I am excited to begin working with Orla and in the beautiful studio that is Zenergy  And I look forward to further spreading the benefits of an active pregnancy during this amazing time in a woman’s life.

“My body, she knows what to do”



In pregnancy, your constantly changing body and sometimes busy mind can benefit greatly from gentle yoga practice. Yoga will give you energy, helping you to feel strong and confident in your pregnancy, as well as bringing balance to the body, heart and mind. Yoga also helps to open up the pelvis before the birth and recover good muscle tone after it.

Not everyone always feels like they are “glowing” during their pregnancy, and may suffer from nausea and some general discomfort from time to time. Pregnancy yoga helps to relieve those aches and pains that are caused from your ever changing physical shape, and can also help to combat morning sickness.

Everyone’s labour and birth is different but by practicing yoga during pregnancy you are giving yourself the best chance at keeping relaxed during the process. In our pregnancy yoga class we practice different types of breathing techniques, and also combine this with practicing a variety of poses which are suitable for labour and birth.

Each class starts with a short relaxation to centre the mind after a busy day, where we focus on breathing exercises, followed by some gentle warm ups. We then move into the poses which can be done seated, on all fours or in a standing position. All poses are done with the breath and focus on gently stretching and strengthening the body. A few of the standing poses are slightly more challenging, deisgned to strengthen key muscles which are often weakened greatly during pregnancy.

We always end every class with a wonderful relaxation which is very often the favourite part of the class for most mums-to-be.

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10 Week Course – 100 euro

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6 week course-70 euro

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