Sunrise Yoga Practice in the Garden

Outdoor Yoga Early Morning Summer Sessions



Lets pray to the yoga gods for some glorious summer sunny mornings and start the day off the best way possible with some Ashtanga Primary Series yoga in the garden.

The garden is only a few doors down from the studio.Its sheltered and private ..with plenty of sunny spots….no sandy mats or doggy poops to content park in your usual spot and bring your mat, blanket/cozy warm clothes and whatever other props you need.

Maybe even bring your flask for a cuppa tea after if you dont have to rush off.
Ive created a zoom link for this class so if the weather is bad we just will move it onto Zoom. I have a whatsapp group and lll put undates on it before each class….


(If weather is bad ill update the whatsapp group and we can move our class onto Zoom)

ONLY 15 per group allowed under government… guidelines…so booking in advance recommend.