5 Week Rocket Yoga Course with Deirdre-

Online only- Tuesdays @6.30pm. Begins 9th Feb 2021

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This course is held via zoom only. Once you have registered for class you’ll received the zoom links and further instructions. Super fun class….not suitable for a beginner Yogi. A recorded option is also available for those who cannot attend the course at the live time.

Rocket Yoga is a fast-paced practice and has a dynamic flow. It has a structure, and a system of sequences based on repetition consisting of Surya Namaskar, standing poses, seated poses, twists, and bends. This repetition builds core strength, opens up the body, and sets you up for fun yet challenging inversions. While rocket yoga definitely challenges you to step outside your comfort zone you are encouraged modify, making it a practice that improves body awareness and encourages you to listen inwards and adapt to suit your body. After working hard we will always have a long, slow, blissful cool down and allow the body to slow down and tune inwards, finished with a beautiful, relaxing Savasana. Whenever you’re practicing Rocket, you can always expect to work hard, laugh, have fun, and be playful with your practice. I can’t wait to share it with you all on Tuesday evenings!

Week 1: Healthy happy spines. This week we will work on mobilising different parts of the spine, allowing us to access backbends in a safe way.
Week 2: Twists: following in from our backbends we will continue to work safely through a rocket flow focusing on twists.
Week 3: Core focus. This weeks class is all about core. Lots of drills to mixit up leaving us feeling strong and light in our practice.
Week 4: Arm balances. This week we use all of the fundamentals of core strength and upper body strength to integrate fun arm balances into our flow. With options and levels for everyone it is a chance to enjoy just how strong you really have become !
Week 5: Piecing it all together – finishing our 5 weeks by putting all of our work together in a strong, balanced flowing class. With lots of variations and options to chose from.



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