Ashtanga..(Ish)..5 week Course with Orla

Begins Wednesday 6th Jan 2021 at 7.30pm-8.45pm Via Zoom Only


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I know alot of you have been attending  Zoom meetings for work but for those who haven’t please take time to get to know how to use Zoom, download the app and get familiar with it ,finding a place in your home that you can set up your yoga mat so you are visible on camera to your teacher and find and get device that you can play your playlist  .


All classes will be live. If for some reason the teachers internet fails at any point and we lose you…class link will be sent to you that same day so class will not be missed. All teachers have a strong internet connection and hope not to have any Zoom mishaps.

If you have not already attended a zoom online yoga class with us we highly recommended that you spend some time beforehand getting your zoom and playlist set up in advance so that we are all ready to enjoy class with no technical issues (hopefully)

Please ensure when you join that your mics are muted during class unless you need to ask a question.

The experience will be a better one if you stream music to your own device, eg, separate bluetooth speaker .

Some top tips from Orla are below-
  • The meeting room will be open from 5 mins before class begins to allow you to all arrive in the practice and deal with any technical difficulties. Orla is available all this week to answer any questions. Phone number is 0862075152
  • At the beginning of class your mic will be muted by the host. You can unmute yourself easily if needed.
  • We would love to be able to see your practice. Please position your camera angled clearly at your mat.
  • Some yoga props may be used by individual teachers…so if you have any…keep them handy.
  • Set up some space for your practice – light a candle, some incense- whatever makes you feel nice. Yoga pants or pjs!
  • The best way to hear the music is to use the playlist via Spotify sent with the invite. Spotify premium is recommended…its a useful tool to have for yourself if not already. Full range of music and podcasts available They actually have an offer on currently that it is FREE for a month…you can cancel at any time.

We wish you all the best of luck in completing your 5 week course with us .
Roll out your mat, carve out a space in your home, light a candle, breathe…….we hope you enjoy the practice.

Book your space by clicking here!-

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NOTE for Any Bookings: Any issues with the above link not working, it may be a software issue with your laptop or mobile device. Please check your browser/settings are as per recommended in the following link: