Inversions and Backbends Full Day Workshop

Inversions and Backbends Workshop with Orla Mc Adam 25th May

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Half Day Workshop Inversions- 11.00-1.30pm

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Half Day Workshop Backbends- 2.30-5.00pm

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In this intermediate practice, we will safely progress into foundational inversions and deeper backbends.  With a lot of patience and an ounce of courage, study some of the ways to build strength for these advanced poses and integrate them into your own practice.

Learn the foundations of turning upside down. This 2.5 hour workshop will give you the confidence to safely build up to inversions and arm balances.

Balancing on our feet can be challenging and tricky at the best of times and when we turn upside down it becomes a whole other story. It can be scary and daunting but also extremely exciting!

We learn so many lessons on our yoga mat, and stepping outside of your comfort zone and into your full potential is certainly one of them!

In this workshop you’ll learn the correct way to get into some basic inversions and arm balances. Building confidence while safely working up to tripod headstand, headstand, crow and handstand prep exercises with fun variations for any level.

All levels welcome. We will be partnering up for the inversions  and backbends so if you’re new to inversions and backbends we will be working on more advanced variations, you will be supported. this workshop we will explore the fundamentals of an inversion practice.
We will begin with a vinyasa flow sequence that aims to strengthen the core, shoulders and legs in preparation for balancing upside down.