Inversion WorkshopInversion Workshop

Coming from 0ct 9th 2022

Inversion for Beginners 10.00 – 12:30pm

Dreaming of the ability to lift gracefully into a headstand? Or do you want to strengthen your already existing inversion practice? Come learn the best exercises to strengthen your upside-down time and gain comfort and control in headstands and we. can begin to understand how forearm stands can begin. In this 2.5hrs workshop, Orla will lead you through an inversion specific warm up, teach you the foundations of inversions strength work, and guide you through the best technique for head/forearm/handstands. With this knowledge, you can safely continue to work towards your favorite upside-down poses!


Handstand Masterclass 1.00 – 3:30pm

This workshop will begin with a fairly intense warm up, including a lot of conditioning and flexibility drills specific to handstands. You will be given explanations of what to do with your body to get a perfectly straight handstand. Numerous exercises will be practiced to help you understand the shape of the posture, both on the floor and on your hands. You’ll also be working with a partner so you can learn how to spot and correct someone else’s technique.