Power Vinyasa Yoga Course June 2023 with Grainne F

Next Power Vinyasa Yoga course with Grainne F begins on the 7th July 6.30am- 7.30am and runs for 6 weeks.


Grainnes classes continue into Aug 2023.

Grainne will be away for the month of September

Power yoga is an aerobic and rigorous style of yoga. Through quick movements and long holds, power yoga is designed to increase your heart rate, strengthen your muscles and build endurance.



Drop in is 15euro. Book your spot now.



We are delighted to welcome Grainne Finnegan to the studio.

Grainne is a Yoga Teacher, Reiki practitioner and she work in the area of trauma informed care with children, adolescents and their families.

Heres a little info on this fab teacher!


I first discovered yoga in my teens and explored the practice alongside playing a lot of sport. I am passionate about yoga philosophy and the energy body. We can unknowingly hold stress in our bodies. Yoga is an amazing tool to release and transform our energy physically, emotionally and energetically. Through my yoga classes I hope to offer you a safe space to connect and begin your own journey of self-discovery, transformation, healing and growth. My yoga classes aim to build strength, resilience and flexibility -both physically and mentally – on our mats to transfer into our daily lives.

1. Beginners – Come explore, have fun and break a sweat getting to know the basic yoga postures, poses and alignment.
2. Soul Flow – is a full body yoga practice to energize, awaken and reconnect you to your body. This class focuses on breath and movement to stimulate the seven chakras.