Are the Classes Mixed?

Yes…Both Men and Women attend all our classes..(well apart from the pregnancy Yoga classes…Only females there) …

Do I need to bring my own Yoga Mat?

We provide everything you may need in the studio. If you have your own Mat..we of sourse suggest bringing it.

Can I use a Pilates Mat for Yoga?

We recommend you use a Yoga Mat. Pilates Mats tend to be too soft and squishy and are also very slippy underneath so will affect your balance while practicing.

Have you Any Drop in Classes?

Yes…all of them..now that covid restrictions have lifted we are not so limited with Numbers/ Space. We welcome drop ins…Just drop us a message in advance to let us know to expect you and to check the class is the correct level for you.

How do I book a Private Session with One of the teachers?

Private 1-1s are very popular in the studio. We offer 1hr slots of private tuition to help you work on your personal practice. Just email us and we will find a slot to suit you.